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Posted on: Desember 5, 2008


This archipelago name comes from two word “indo – nesia”, the first mean India (Hindi or indian) and the second latinish word is similar with nation in English or nusa in Indonesian language. The new two words from indo – nesia archipelago means that their 17 504 islands, 1 068 ethnic groups with spoken all population at least 665 languages, 47 000 flora species (12% wolrd) live in and 3 025 kinds of fauna species are located between two Asia and Australia Continent or between Oceans, Pasific and Indonesian Ocean. That’s why the archipelago called Nusantara, islands in between, the old countries name from Singh sari Kingdom (1124 M).

Indonesia has very large country, its look like all continent from Turkey to England, which 2/3 of the country is water or oceans but very rich of their biosphere located in Cibodas West-Java, Komodo Island, Tanjung Putting and Lore Lindu in Sumatra, G. Leuser in Aceh, Siberut Island and Bukit Batu Bengkalis.

Indonesia, in political geography, designation officially applied, after August 17, 1945, to the Netherlands Indies, but according to an amendment to the constitution of the Netherlands, September 20, 1948. The term is now used as the short form of the Republic of Indonesia. Before 1945 it was often applied to the entire Malay Archipelago (Encarta® Encyclopedia 2003). Indonesian Languages, large branch of the Malayo-Polynesian or Austronesian language family. Among the more than 200 Indonesian active languages, also called Western Austronesian languages, are most languages of Malaysia, including the official language, Malay; Indonesia or Bahasa Indonesia (a form of Malay that is official in Indonesia), Javanese (80 million speakers), Balinese, Sundanese, and most other languages of Indonesia; the languages of the Philippines, including the official language, Pilipino (or Tagalog); Malagasy, spoken in the Republic of Malagasy (Madagascar); the Chamic languages of Vietnam and Cambodia; and, according to most linguists, the aboriginal languages of Taiwan.

From the geological site of the Republic of Indonesia is Java island located in the meddler and is about 1/8 % of the Indonesia Archipelago but has over populated (145 Mio) from all Indonesia populations now 224 Mio people.

Story of palace in complex of Ratu Boko.

Through the Indonesian history, its rich of flora, fauna and culture are too much interested from the people all over the world. These names are fomous: I Tsing, Sir Alfred Wallace, Adolf Bastian, Thomas S. Raffles, Walter Spies, Ibn Battutah, Antonio Blanco, J.R. Logan, Vicki Baum, Jozef Conrad Korzeniovski. Others came in Hindia, such as Balthasar Sprenger shown in his experience note “Meerfahrt” published 1509 in Germany as an ambassador of Ausburg year 1506 with Portugees Leonardo to Java island. A German VOC General Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt (1773-1854) came to Java and wrote about East-Nusantara “Reis naar het oostelijk gedeelte van den Indischen Archipel”, published in Amsterdam (1858). One year before Raffle’s die in Buitenzorg, 18 Mei 1817 he built The Central Conservatory with thousands of tropical plantations in the large wolrd area of Lands Platentuin de Buitenzorg about 47 hectares, with 15% kinds of tropical flora, and known as Kebun Raya Bogor West-Java.

Admiral Cheng Ho his coming in Java year 1431-1433 found three communities, first the Moslems with their clothes, foods and simple home. Second, executioner Chinese Moslem looked obedient in their worshiping, third dirty indigenous people still naked (Sofwan Ridin, 2004:234). Form the old history there are many communities staying and living together in this island. Indonesian scientist Koentjaraningrat (1984) see that their culture consists of mind and heart of mankind, but this culture has systemic value as society worldview. Trere are seven cultural elements, such as: language, knowledge, social institution, arts, religion, works and technological instrumentation. Its connected one each other and through the writer, tourism industry should do that makes one between mankind to these cultural elements.

His voyages 1291-1293 Marco Polo write “Java Major” as the authentic experience and Ibnu Batutta called “Muljawa” for the indigenous Javanese people that makes superior from over the archipelago. Before Fa Hsien about twelve years stayed in India, he sailed from Srilangka to China with a hundred boarders. He pulled down in a island called Yawadwi-pa couse of great taifun, he stayed five months from December to May 413 M. The other name was Kashmir Aristocrat Gunawarma stayed several years in an island he called She-po or Ye-po means Jawadwipa, he teach Budhism before his voyage to China year 422 M. Also ibn Hurdadbeh (885M), Bozorg ibn Shahryar (956M) and many astronomic visitors called the island as “Javaga” in Arabic text (Denys Lombard, 2005, 2: page 12-22). [] Serial touristic sights.


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