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Posted on: November 28, 2010

Sunday morning in November 28th, 2010 all of 41 kinds with in handled by two Members of Indonesian Tour Guides Association and the Psychologists of Islamic University of Indonesia to have one day familiarization trip away from Maguwoharjo Stadion. This is a special healing job for handling traumatic kids with an alternative full day-trip to see Ratu Boko Palace, Prambanan Temple, Educational Museum of Yogyakarta State University and the end the enjoy all time in The Smart Educational Park of Taman Pintar in the city.

The way to do more for the victim Kids, that Tour Guide has to express in happiness, or talk to them the story of Effusive Merapi Volcano that now erupted explosive and told historic background of Prince Bandungbondowoso as he wanted Rarajonggrang in the 9th Century. Many Kinds are involving in deep traumatic experience in last three weeks along volcano eruption. They need a song to dance and they want an other music of life out of their lost home and of course all their buildings to study. There are 20 buildings lost in two provinces with about 3.268 kinds of Elementary School from all around over Merapi Hill of Yogyakarta, Magelang, Boyolali and Klaten.


Aims of this trip is the to hear a music and to sing a song with the harmony movement of Merapi activity arranged by the rhythm of the intentions of the familiarization trip. An arranger is the two Tour Guides and Psychologists. An important element of the day after, that the trip participants can expressing their free feeling to study, of course to reach their understanding of the future life in their Family. So familiarization trip means to support together Family in harmony life with the activity of Merapi volcano.

Located about 32 km from the city, Merapi is part of 129 active volcano, but it is the most active one of the world, erupted all seasons which is between 6-10 years. And a volcano is a vent or fissure in the Earth’s crust through which molten magma, hot gases, and other fluids escape to the surface of the land or to the bottom of the sea. It was not just about the eruption but also the whole life in between Family; fathers – mothers – kids are all they born and die. Thus we want to understand this volcano better for all Kids.


Kinahrejo or Pangukrejo also Cangkringan village where the Kids live is now clauded from sussessive of eruptions of lava and ash. We have to let around Kampoeng green with all harmony of mankind, to hear the birds there sing and to get wind and water as soul of wonderful village where all young generation live. Because tour guide and also psychologist never could understand how the Kids are ‘dancing’ in their future, so familiarization trip just show them the way to live in harmony by understanding the concept of created volcanoes from God..


The next same Fam-Trip with guides, psychologist and lunch to the sightseeing destinations will be on Tuesday, November the 30th and the end trip on Wednesday, December the 1st, 2010 then arounding back to the Youth Centre Sleman and also Sport Centre Pangukan Sleman. Hopefully, fissure eruption ends soon and Merapi live normally as before then all Kids could back to family or school again; lust but not least, the Tourist Guides do their healing job info to the other clients.***


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  • joko subantiyono: Rahayu,ing wedal sak meniko kito tansah eling dumateng lampah kito piyambak,amargi sinaoso bener nanging menopo sampun pener?kitab ingkang leres menik
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